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New Custom Home Delivered Q1 2025

Buy it during construction at a discount & customize it into your dream home. Seller will cooperate with brokers.

When completed, 77 Crescent Ave. is a standalone 4-bedroom single family view property with its own street front and three parking spots a couple minutes from the Golden Gate Bridge.
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An Unbeatable Location

Video Final Moment Dusk.jpg

Project Rendering

Save Over 8 Years of Time & Effort

Developing new housing in the coastal and recreational communities of California is extremely difficult, uncertain, expensive, and time consuming. Perhaps nowhere more so than in Sausalito.

It took over 8-years to bring this project into its current construction status, the buyer can leap-over all of that, administrative process, uncertainty and risk.

Get a 10-15% Discount on a World-Class Property

Buyer can purchase 77 Crescent at a 10-15% discount to the premium a developer would charge for the comparable finished product.


Improvements beyond that are at the buyer’s direct expense. No markup, it's your house to customize.


Economic efficiency also accrues because of the scale of the overall project. For example; sharing of the site improvement costs with  the project above, and potentially utilizing the same general contractor will reduce the final delivery cost to the buyer. It is for them to determine.

In Construction - An Exclusive Opportunity

77 Crescent Ave. is fully entitled and permitted construction has begun. Purchasing 77 Crescent is an exclusive opportunity for its new owners to enter the process of custom home development during construction with a schedule for completion that is known and can be maintained.


Interior details like kitchen and bathroom fixtures, appliances, interior finishes, colors, cabinetry, window, door, deck, spa, security, networking, automation technology and electric car features are among the items that can still be customized to the new owner’s desire without impacting the delivery schedule.

Total Invested & Price

$1,750,000 includes; land, reimbursed soft costs incurred (architects, engineers legal and administrative), (complete construction permits paid/issued) and approximately the initial $900,000 in site improvements which are completed or contracted up to the point of sale at that price. Including all shoring and excavation work, new sewer and drainage lines, utility trenching and conduits installed.


The estimated remaining cost to complete the home is approximately $1,700,000. Final cost will largely depend on how the buyer chooses to ‘finish’ the project.

As is, with current improvements and working permits the project can be purchased for $1,000,000.


Enjoy the View

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Progress Video
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